Instagram for Pet Businesses: The Complete Step-by-Step System for Getting Followers and Monetizing Through Instagram


Course Synopsis

You will learn how to really start growing your following on Instagram and how to monetize your audience without spending any marketing dollars. You’ll get all seven videos (plus PDF and audio guides for each) upon registration, so you can binge them all at once or go at your own pace.

You’ll also receive five bonuses to download and help you on your Instagram journey.

PLUS, registration includes LIFETIME access to the entire Instagram for Pet Businesses Course.

Cost and Terms

Option 1: $197.00 for immediate and lifetime access to all seven training videos with accompanying PDF & audio guides, plus the five bonuses

Option 2: Three equal payments of $75.00 each for immediate and lifetime access

Videos (including PDF & Audio Guides for Each)

  • Introduction: How to get the most out of this course

  • Get crystal clear and laser focused

  • Optimize your account to be irresistible

  • Become a hashtag pro

  • Create awesome content your audience can’t wait to see and read

  • Gain new followers and continue to grow

  • Use the Secrets to Monetizing Your Audience


  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer worksheet

    So you know where to find them and how to create content for them

  • Optimizing Your Account checklist

    Showing you exactly what to do for a high converting bio.

  • DM Strategy Guide

    A guide so you know exactly how your time needs to be spent for optimal growth and conversion

  • Topic Ideas Sheet or Content Calendar

    How to increase your chances of getting collaborations with an influencer

  • Growth Strategy Download

    Save time and frustration and know exactly what to post about every day

When you’re a pet lover first and a business owner second, marketing can be a real pain in the tail. Here’s a pet marketing secret: Instagram is FULL of pet owners AND you can reach them without spending ANY money on ads. How awesome is that?! But… and this is big … if you try to go at it alone like I did, you could end up with a lot of frustration and wasted time. That’s why I created “Instagram for Pet Businesses: The Complete Step by Step System for Getting Followers and Monetizing Through Instagram.”


Do you want to GROW your pet business (or non-profit), increase PROFITS, and MARKET your company while SAVING BIG on advertising dollars?

Do you have a pet business start-up and want to make the most of Instagram?

Have you tried using Instagram before to market your pet business, but struggled to grow your audience organically and monetize your following?

Are you thinking of launching your own pet business and want to use Instagram to ensure your success?

Then the Instagram for Pet Businesses Course is for you.

With this Course, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to succeed (complete step-by-step training, support, and bonuses), but IT only works if YOU DO.

Follow the steps exactly as I’ve laid them out and you WILL see results! Guaranteed.


The Instagram for Pet Businesses Course is not for those who aren’t willing to put in the work to implement my proven strategies. Remember: This Course is for those looking for LONG-TERM results (not instant success!).

And, obviously, if you don’t see the value in leveraging Instagram for long-term business success… um, this course clearly isn’t for you. Although that’s a big mistake. HUGE.


  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer worksheet

  • Optimizing Your Account checklist

  • DM Strategy Guide

  • Topic Ideas Sheet or Content Calendar

  • Growth Strategy Download

What you’ll learn and why is it's important

  • To create a high converting bio

  • To get pet owners to follow you

  • To avoid the frustration of figuring out what to post and share content your followers want to see

  • To monetize your following and convert customers into raving fans

  • To avoid rookie mistakes and aggravation that will save you tons of hours


William R., CEO
Pet Creative & Marketing

Social Media Influencer Program

I’ve followed Kati’s steps to the letter with any new Social Media Influencer client. Our first project resulted in over 1,500 relevant followers in 45 days. It was so successful that we’ve created an entire marketing platform to attract more pet parents who want to grow their pet’s Instagram profile. A definite MUST DO for any business that’s either new to Instagram or that wants to add some additional key social media skills to their toolbox!


Is this course for beginners?

This course is great for beginners. while I wont show you how to open an account (you can easily google how to do this), I will show you exactly what to include in your bio and in your posts, how to get followers, and how to convert followers into customers. I break it down step by step so even if you’ve never used IG before, you’ll know exactly how to generate customers and raving fans.

Are the lessons pre-recorded?

Yes, all lessons are pre-recorded

Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?

You’ll have immediate access to everything included in the course so you can go at your own pace!

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes – instant, lifetime access

Do you update the course? If so, do I get updates?

Yes! If there are updates in the future, you will get an email notification and immediate access – no additional charges!

Do I need to download special software to take the course?

You won’t need to download a thing!

I have a question, who should I ask?

We have you covered! We will have a Facebook group community to support your questions

What if I buy and want a refund?

What’s the policy? 30 day 100% refund, no questions asked

Will I receive anything in the mail or is it all online?

Everything is online!



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$ 45
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee - NO Questions Asked!